Track Chores Recommends To Get Creative 2017 Easter Rewards For Easter Responsibilities

Can you believe the Easter and summer holidays are almost nearing? Kids, It’s time to contribute yourselves to clean, organize and decorate your house before your family members arrive for the festive events. As well prepare delicious sweets, Easter eggs and much more exciting to surprise your family. Moreover collect your Easter rewards from your family members, friends, and relatives for organizing and preparing for the special event.

As you know parents would always be behind you for allocating the chores, let this festive season brings the special moment to prove yourself as a best, responsible and disciplined kid.

“Track Chores” would like to suggest and provide you with few Easter ideas to surprise your dear and loved members.

Homemade Easter Eggs and Candies

Let’s begin the Easter festival with the homemade recipes. Homemade recipes are more delicious when prepared by our little kiddies. Parents, relatives, and friends would enjoy the candies prepared and contributed by you. So dedicate your preparation to your family members and get special rewards on Easter Sunday. Fill your Easter basket with the candies, sweets, chocolates, cakes, marshmallow treats, decorated Easter eggs, lemon fudge and burst out with surprises.

Baking Homemade Recipes

However, Easter eggs and homemade candies are delightful for the Easter, to make even better you can bake the Baked ham, potatoes, hot cross buns, vegetables, and cookies.

Special Sunday Events

An Easter Sunday is one of the cracking time for everyone around the world. You can conduct surprising events or games on Easter as,

  1. Easter Parade
  2. Easter Egg Hunt and bunnies
  3. Scavenger Hunt
  4. A showcase of board games
  5. Easter chocolate kids workshop
  6. Easter crafts for the kids

Conduct these surprise games and events and make the occasion enjoyable and unforgettable moment. As well collect your Easter rewards as an acknowledgment.

In order to make the Easter Sunday enjoyable and surprising with homemade recipes and events, the ultimate goal is the cleanliness environment on a festive day. As you might have known the proverb, “Cleanliness is next to Godliness”. Before even preparing and organizing for the Easter Sunday, make sure that you have arranged and cleaned your home.

Trick to dust Your Organized Home

So far, you would have done the allocated chores by your parents, let this be a unique one. Use your own tricks to clean, dust and organize your home. They would be surprised looking at your dedicated tasks and they would offer you with the surprise Easter rewards.

Kids, are you tired of the same Easter gifts? Along with the older gifts, here are few creative rewards recommended by Track Chores for this Easter. You could receive those from your parents as a sign of proving your responsibilities for this Easter season,

  1. Easter vouchers to spend your summer vacation
  2. Adventures day out
  3. Easter bunny coupons for a special family time
  4. Bunny LED night lamps
  5. Bedtime gorgeous suitcase – ease to carry and decorate your bedtime wherever you go.
  6. Board games
  7. Trip to Lantern Club – A perfect place for the weekend.
  8. Favorite books and toys

Let’s watch out what all newbies and surprises are waiting for this Easter and share your Easter experience with the Track Chores

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