Want to keep your young ones busy? Here is an easy way to allocate chores, track the chores’ completion, reward them. Your kids learn about the life’s important part “RESPONSIBILITIES”.

Everywhere we see moms & dads keep beckoning their young ones to do this and that and so on – only to realize at the end that the chores are not done at all or done incompletely. We can see only the inputs instead of the output. Arguments, the battle of words and the ensuing stress – disrupts your piece at the end. Here are some of the dos and don’s to get yourself rescued from this situation.

  1. Assign the chores in such a way that the chores inspire your kids.
  2. Use the chore charts creatively
  3. Motivate them by giving more rewards.
  4. Encourage them even if they complete their chores in crummy, clumsy way
  5. Chores must be suitable to their age. View here for chores under different age criteria

When you come up with these certain things, you would watch your kids asking for the chores rather than you asking them to do some…

Here come Track Chores which helps you discover exclusively fun and entertaining chores for your kids. Through TrackChores you can easily find out your kids’ hobby (by identifying their interested chore). during this moment I would like to share an experience: One of the Track Chores parents assigned a chore “drawing illustration”, which made her kid to doodle and fiddle (to draw casually). Until that point of time, the parent did not know her kid was an artist!

Besides getting the mundane tasks that kids need to learn done, Track Chores’ way of approach to assigning the chores brings out your kids creative talent! Apart from homework, household activities, chores can also be assigned to ensure the kids take their regular food without fail. They get rewarded for completing the chore, you become happy that your kid took food! You can encourage them to eat healthy foods by assigning the chores for those categories and double their rewards.

Well – I need to talk about the rewards now! What are the greatest and most prominent rewards? The answer to this varies depending on the age of the kid (pre-schooler, teen or?)  and what kind of a kid he/she is (shy & reclusive, outgoing, needing attention etc) Look at the below list of the recommended rewards for this winter season:


1. Construct a blizzard man

2. Skating on snow

3.  Bake your own pies & cookies

4.  Construct a fort with the snow

5.  Skating with ice

6.  Fuzzy furry sandal


Track Chores mobile apps are available for both Android and iOS.


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