How it works

1. What is Track Chores?

Track Chores is an application designed for easy management and tracking of chores. Parents can assign chores to their kids and the kids can earn rewards by completing the assigned chores. Our simple interface makes the application more user friendly and easy to use.

2. How do I sign up for Track Chores?

Click on Sign up on the home page. Enter your name, email and password and you are done.

3. How do I add a child/chore/reward?

From the parent dashboard you can add a new child using the Add child link.

Chores can be added from the dashboard or from the Add Child page. You will be redirected to the Assign Chores page from the Add Child page. Choose a chore from the list or enter a chore that you would want your kid to complete. Assign the chore points and choose a schedule. Chores will be added to the chore list.

Rewards can be added using the Add Rewards option. Enter a reward name and assign the reward points. Rewards are added to the rewards list and the earned rewards are displayed seperately.

4. How do I track my chores/rewards?

Chores can be marked as complete from the Schedule menu. Choosing a date displays the chores list for the day and the chore can be marked completed by checking the checkbox. Points for the completed chores will be added to the total points.

Rewards can be earned if the chores are completed and the points are added to the total points. Rewards can be earned by checking the checkbox displayed against a reward. Points pertaining to a reward will be deducted from the available points once the reward is applied.

5. Where does my child log in?

Child can login using the child Login by entering the parent’s email id, Child username and password.

6. What does my child see in the child dashboard?

Your child can view the chores assigned to them and the list of rewards that they have earned/they can earn by completing the chores. They can choose a date and view the list of chores for the chosen date.

7. Will my child be able to change the password for his/her login?

No. Your child will not be able to change the password for his/her login. Only the parents can change the password for their children.

8. How do I reset the password for my child?

Parents can reset the password for their kids by editing the child and changing the password.

9. How do I contact you to share my opinion or feedback?

Please feel free to share your ideas and feedback using the Contact Us option.