Kids Gardening Involved With Games

Gardening is one of the best activities for the children to get them involved and witness the growth of plants, flowers. Kids would love this activity,

  • Digging and playing in and around the mud
  • Experimenting with colorful flowers
  • Sense of adventures
  • Observing the life cycles

Gardening is the best chore that kids tend to do without assigning any chores. However, the children doing the routine tasks often, are quick to announce “I am bored….. or I am tired”. So to make the gardening events better, here are the few guidelines for the kids to get involved through garden games. It’s quite true that kids are fond off games too. When combined with gardening and games it creates a golden memory for their future.



Dig and Hunt

Digging is the source for gardening. Hide some treasure! treasure might be a coin or a stationery or any item that interests your children. Then start with gardening by cultivating the seeds through digging.

Go on a worm hunt

Once crops are settled down, meanwhile conduct another game with fun. Make them to hunt for the worms under and behind the grasses and leaves. This activity makes them walk quietly and slowly around the garden to observe and come up with new ideas.

Fill it up by feeding

Plants need food to grow. Teach the kids to fertilizer the plants. Teach them how to give the right amount of food. In between you can conduct a game, giving each child a container and notice who feeds the plants with an equal amount of fertilizer so that all the plants are fed equally. Children who manage to feed plants equally can be rewarded with small surprise gifts thereby we make them learn what amount of fertilizers can be used and how often should the plants be fed.

Playing with watering

Kids enjoy watering the plants! We can now assign this as a chore to our kids and watch them enjoying their chores while we can make them understand that the plants do not get washed away with the force of water and if we find any insects like the spider, we can remind them of their nursery rhyme “Itsy Bitsy Spider”. Children would enjoy watering the plants with the chorus of rhymes.

Play with camping

Once they end up with their plant cultivation, managing the plants with nature makes them surprised when they watch seeds growing into plants. The similar process they will follow while cultivating each seed. They can again start their game with setting up a tent using a cloth or blanket or anything. Children would have a great picnic feel with the family by collecting sticks for the campfire.


Once the children are introduced to the gardening and games, they will often play over, again and again, to keep them happy and busy through gardening.


If you have any other gaming ideas for the children, please share them in the comments.


How do you assign chores to kids of different age groups?

Kids are the pampered ones for every parent! This is obviously true but you will miss out your kids’ responsibilities when not assigned any chores. So chores are the main objective for the children in developing their learning skill sets, behavior, sharing the needs, family involvement, etc.

Besides all these, how much of them can think, getting things done by their kids realistically? The answer might be quite a few. However, for the first time, you will have to tackle your child for the new task, regardless of age. Your child might be capable of doing chores quicker or later, it depends on their maturity, good motor skills or their level of concentration. Whatever capacity they are up to doesn’t matters, getting chores done frequently develops their personal and family responsibilities.

You may question yourself, “what chores can my children learn and what chores they would be capable of doing at the present age”? Beginners need some sort of pointers for even the simplest tasks. Here are the listed examples of kids chores recommended by Track Chores.


Track Chores recommended chores for the kids under different age criteria

For Toddlers

  • Collecting snail in a pail
  • Pick up their toys
  • Throw away the diapers in trash
  • Arrange the toys after playing

Ages Between 3 to 6

  • Arrange the outside toys in proper boxes
  • Cleaning messy bedrooms
  • Remove the clothes from dryer
  • Fill pet’s water and food bowl
  • Arrange books on bookshelf
  • Clean up spills after the meals


Ages Between 7 to 10

Responsible for the chores aged between 3 to 6 and apart from that, the following chores can be assigned too.

  • Plant the vegetables and seeds
  • Watering outdoor plants
  • Watering indoor plants
    • Rectify the plants with gardening games
      • Cleaning the outdoor play table with sponge
      • Planting and gardening

Ages Between 11 to 14

Children of these age groups are more capable of doing the chores aged between 7 to 10.

  • Taking care of personal hygiene
  • Wash the exterior windows
  • Arrange the mattresses
  • Fold the washed clothes
  • Interior vacuum cleaning
  • Unload dishwasher

Ages Between 15 to 18

  • Washing dirty dishes
  • Help to prepare the meals
  • Sweeping and mopping the floors
  • Wipe the dirty walls
  • Harvesting vegetables
  • Dry the wet clothes

Getting the chores done gives them a sense of responsibility and achievement!


Assign these chores for your children and share your new experience with the Track Chores.