Welcome To Track Chores

An app to organize the family chores

Encourage kids to take initiative in chores and motivate with rewards.

Establish good habits and empower them to complete goals



Assign tasks and chores



Customizable options



Motivate with rewards


Family board

Re-assign chores

Set them up to succeed

Age appropriate chores build confidence when completed.

Customize with easy setup

Create chores with different recurring schedules (daily, weekly, monthly) and also calendar date specific.

Help out your family

Chores can be reassigned by parents or kids can ask for help with their siblings when they are unable.

Teaches planning and responsibility

Boosts their confidence to have control of their chores and view their rewards

About Track Chores

TRACK CHORES is our handy and close-knit family app to introduce family responsibility at an early age. Giving kids the opportunity to build confidence and empower them to complete goals. Our app is a parent monitored app to instill initiative and establish good habits. Parents can assign chores to each of their kids and reward them with stars or dollars for completed tasks as a motivation. Easy chore assignment setup is customizable.

“Finish your chore; Earn your reward!”

Frequently asked questions

What is Track Chores?

Track Chores is an application designed for easy management and tracking of chores.

Where does my child log in?

Child can login using the child Login by entering the Child email id and password.

What does my child see in the child dashboard?

Your child can view the chores assigned to them and the list of rewards that they have earned/they can earn by completing the chores.

How do I reset the password for my child?

Parents can reset the password for their kids by editing the child and changing the password.